Fullblast Booze

Mimosa – OJ, Mango or
Mimosa Trio
(one of each) 

Bloody Mary  9
Irish Cream Coffee  6.50
Margarita  8
Kir Royale  6
Screwdriver 8

Vodka Tea  8
Old Fashioned 8
Spiked Shirley Temple  8



Iced Coffee  4
Iced Mocha 5
Espresso 3
Cappuccino 3.50
Coffee (refills) 2.50

Iced Tea (refills)2.50
Orange Juice  lg 3,sm 2
Apple Juice lg 3, sm 2
Cranberry Juice lg 3, sm 2
Mango Juice      lg 3.50, sm 2

Milk lg 3, sm 2
Choc. Milk lg 3.50, sm 2.25
Soda (refills)      2.50
Bottled Water 2.25
Shirley Temple  3


2 eggs any-style, smoked sausage, bacon,breakfast potatoes& grits,toast  13

Simply Breakfast
2 eggs any-style, bacon& grits, toast 9.50

Breakfast Sandwich
2 eggs scrambled, bacon & cheddar on choice of english muffin or toast 8.50

Cajun Scramble
3 eggsscrambled with seared smoked sausage, shrimp, onion, tomato&           cheddar over potatoes 13

We offer the full menu all day


smoked sausage, bacon& cheddar 12

Crabcake Omelet
seared crabcake & swiss topped with Hollandaise  mkt price

Veggie Omelet
spinach, mushroom, bellpepper, onion, tomato & swiss 11

Western Omelet
ham, bellpepper, onion & cheddar 12

Eggwhites only  +2

All omelets served with toast and choice of breakfast potatoes, grits or fruit 


fried chicken strips, bacon & seared tomato over jalapeño cheddar grit cakes, poached eggs& Hollandaise  15

Crabcake Benedict
english muffin,poached eggs& house-made Hollandaise mkt price

Crabcake Breakfast
2 eggs any-style, grits, toast& Hollandaise mkt price

Creole Shrimp &Grits
with rosemary reduction, garnished with bacon 15

Grillades &Grits
our slow-cooked pork overgrits with crostini 13         

Pork Grillades Benedict
over breakfast potatoes, poached eggs & Hollandaise 14

Traditional Benedict
ham, poached eggs& Hollandaise over english muffin, breakfast potatoes 14

Smoked Sausage Benedict
seared smoked sausage, sautéed onion & bellpepper over breakfast potatoes, poached eggs&Hollandaise  14

Steak Benedict
over breakfast potatoes, poached eggs &Bearnaise Sauce  17

Steak & Eggs
2 eggs any-style,breakfast potatoes& toast 17         

French Toast & Bacon
topped with blueberry compote  9.50

Avocado Toast with HerbOlive Oil Drizzle
2 eggs any-style, potatoes& multi-grain slice 9.50

Chicken & Waffle
topped with fried chicken strips and praline glaze  14

7 add blueberry compote, chocolate chips, pecan pieces orwhipped cream 1.50 each


red wine sautéed onions, bacon &cheddar on a brioche bun 12.50

Patty Melt
red wine sautéed onions& swiss on sourdough 11

Double BLT
on sourdough toast 10

Fried Chicken Strip BLT 
on sourdough toast 12

Grillades over Cheddar Fries

All sandwiches served with french fries


Breakfast Sausage 3.25
Smoked Sausage 3.25
Bacon(3 slices)  3.25
Sliced Ham
One Egg 2

French Fries 3
Avocado  2
Grits 2.50(cheese +.50)

Blasted Grits lg4,sm 3.50

Jalapeño Cheddar Grit Cakes (2) 3
Mixed Fruit  lg 6, sm 3
Toast  2.50
(multi-grain, sourdough or english muffin)



Kids French Toast
sourdough slice, bacon slice & potatoes  5

Kids Breakfast
one egg scrambled, bacon slice, toast slice & potatoes  5

Chicken Tenders
french fries  6

Kids Waffle
half waffle, bacon slice 5

add chocolate chips, blueberry compote or whipped cream.75 each

We offer the full menu all day

Fullblast Brunch got its name from Chef/Owner Christopher’s  past fishing trips. While running the boat as a kid, Chris would ask his Dad if they could go “fullblast” (or full throttle) for a minute. His Dad would give him the go ahead. Chris still likes to run it up to “fullblast” on occasion